Business and Industry

Teacher/Counselor Externships

Teacher externships are an excellent opportunity for teachers in every subject matter to connect what happens in the classroom with real world applications. Teachers who complete externships:

  • Bring valuable skills to assist business/industry with project work, 
  • Make valuable connections between classroom learning and workplace functions, 
  • Connect with business/industry partners, 
  • Learn new technology, and 
  • Gain insight to share with students about valuable workplace skills. 

How can Talent Link help?

Talent Link can help identify externship sites that best meet your needs. Staff can also work with the employer and other organizations to determine whether the externship will be paid or unpaid. If you are interested in a summer externship, please contact your Talent Link staff member by April 15.

Sign up for Talent Link to participate. The Talent Link is used in schools in Rock Island, Mercer, Henry, and Stark Counties in Illinois and Scott County in Iowa.  The network also serves as a resource for career intermediaries working with schools and students in Clinton, Henry, Jackson, Louisa, and Muscatine Counties.

Tips for Externships

  1. Determine in advance what your goal for the externship will be.  Goals might include:
    1. Completing a designated project, 
    2. Connecting with a local educator/students, 
    3. Working to develop a project-based lesson to help educate students about your industry, and connect classroom learning with the workplace,
    4. Providing professional development for an educator in order to impact learning in the classroom, and/or
    5. Enlisting the help of an educator to develop training plans, training, lesson plans, etc.
  2. Decide on the length of the externship (number of days, and hours per day).
  3. Establish whether or not your company can provide pay/stipend for the externship, and if so, how much it will be.
  4. Develop a plan for the externship. What will the company provide in terms of training, information, and support? What are the expectations for the extern? What are the goals for the externship? Ideally, this should be done in partnership with the educator, and with support from Talent Link staff.
  5. Think about the message(s) you want to convey to students through your extern. What is your company about? What are your hiring needs now and in the future? What skills do you look for in applicants? What behaviors are acceptable in the workplace?