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Youth Job Fairs

Intended for youth who are eligible for employment, Youth job fairs target youth who are at least 16 years old, or 14-15 year olds who have work permits.


Employment for 16-24 year olds had decreased significantly in recent years. Youth job fairs are designed to help guide youth to that initial work experience where they can learn important workplace skills. It also provides an opportunity for students who plan to go directly into the workforce after graduation to connect with employment opportunities. 

How can Talent Link help?

Talent Link staff work with local communities to plan and coordinate youth job fairs. Typically, these events will be held in the early spring in preparation for summer and post-graduation hiring. If you would like to participate in a youth job fair, please contact your Talent Link staff member.

Tips for Youth Job Fairs

  1. Prepare to provide youth with information about your company and the type of jobs you need to fill.
  2. Ask youth for a resume. Youth job fairs provide an opportunity for individuals to learn to market themselves to employers. Whether they have a resume or not, it is important that they understand this expectation. For youth without a resume, provide a quick application form for them to provide information.
  3. Be inviting. The youth job fair is likely the first time these individuals have been in a situation where they had to approach professionals and talk. Reach out to individuals as they approach your area. Offer candy, or small give-aways to encourage them to come to your table.
  4. Shake hands. Provide a business card. Encourage discussion about work experience, goals, volunteer work, classroom learning, etc. Youth job fairs provide a teachable moment.