Business and Industry

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer work helps students learn about the culture of your business/organization and see how the work you do impacts customers, other workers, and the organization.  

How can Talent Link help?

Sign up for Talent Link to participate. The Talent Link is used in schools in Rock Island, Mercer, Henry, and Stark Counties in Illinois and Scott County in Iowa.  The network also serves as a resource for career intermediaries working with schools and students in Clinton, Henry, Jackson, Louisa, and Muscatine Counties.

Tips for organizations working with volunteers

  1. Treat volunteers like you treat employees.
    1. Interview and select the best volunteer candidates
    2. Include volunteers in orientation and training opportunities as possible.
    3. Provide a staff “go-to” person for each volunteer.
  2. Volunteers are being “paid” with experience. Be sure to provide a quality learning experience for each volunteer, not just busy work.
  3. Recognize volunteers for their work.
  4. Provide reference letters for volunteers.
  5. Allow volunteers to experience a variety of tasks, and departments in your organization.