Assessment and Guidance

What role do assessments play in career development?

Assessments can help students make career decisions based on their own personal interests, abilities, and values. In order to identify career options that are a good "fit", it is important to complete assessments AND have help interpreting the results. The information received can be overwhelming.

Taking an Assessment Isn’t Enough!

After your students get their assessment back, make sure to help them understand the results. Point out to them the variety of jobs that exist in different pathways and that the job suggestions are intended to give them to a place to begin their explorations—not end it.

How can Talent Link help?

The most important part of taking a career assessment is understanding the results. Talent Link staff can provide training for educators to help them better understand the process of assessment and learn how to interpret results in a way that leads students down career pathways that align with their personality, work style, and life values. Contact information for our About Talent Link Staff.

Where can I access career assessments?