Classroom Presentations

Two presenters standing at the front of a classroomBring a representative from business/industry into your classroom to share specific knowledge and information, and to connect students with the working world.

When is a classroom speaker a good option?

A classroom speaker is a great option when you would like to bring the workplace into your classroom in order to share specific career information, connect a learning goal to a real-world application, or help students understand the importance of workplace skills.

Tips for Educators

  1. Go to the Career Cruising Network or contact your Talent Link representative to find an opportunity that meets your needs.
  2. Be very specific about what you would like the speaker to cover.
  3. Provide detail about how to enter your building, and where the speaker will be presenting. Talk about the lay-out of your classroom. This may be helpful if the presenter is planning group work or interaction of some kind.
  4. Prepare your students for the speaker. Set clear expectations for behavior and follow through quickly if issues arise so that the speaker is not interrupted. Do not expect the speaker to keep discipline in your classroom.
  5. Respect the speaker’s time. Carefully schedule and confirm with your speaker.
  6. Plan ahead. The likelihood of getting a great speaker is much better if you allow time to prepare and schedule. Remember, speakers have full time jobs, and they must adjust their schedule to accommodate your request. Requests should be made a minimum of two weeks prior to the visit, and ideally a month in advance.
  7. Keep information about great speakers so you can re-connect in following years.
  8. Prepare students to ask good questions.
  9. Send a thank you to the presenter. Better yet, have students send thank you notes or sign a card. Not only does this make the speaker’s day, but it also helps students learn professional etiquette.