Teacher/Counselor Externships

Externships are an excellent opportunity for teachers in every subject matter to connect what happens in the classroom with real world applications.

Teachers who complete externships:

  • Make valuable connections between classroom learning and workplace functions, 
  • Connect with business/industry partners, 
  • Learn new technology, and 
  • Gain insight to share with students about valuable workplace skills. 

How can Talent Link help?

Talent Link can help identify an externship sites that best meet your needs. Staff can also work with the employer and other organizations to determine whether the externship will be paid or unpaid. If you are interested in a summer externship, please contact your Talent Link staff member by April 15.

Tips for educators

  1. Treat your externship as a job.
  2. Ask questions. Gather as much information as you can about the company, careers, and daily operations.
  3. Keep your course objectives in mind as you engage in daily operations. Look for the connections.
  4. Connect with employees. Gather contact information or business cards for future reference. Think about how employee personality, skills, and abilities might align with your current/future students.
  5. Externships should benefit both the company and the educator. Think about how you can impact the company you are working with. What skills or knowledge do you have that can leave a lasting impact?