Youth Job Fair

Youth job fairs provide a venue for working-age youth to connect with employers who are hiring. They are a great opportunity for youth to learn appropriate job fair etiquette.

When is an individual/class ready for a Youth Job Fair?

Youth job fairs are most appropriate for youth who are ages 16 or older or 14-15 year olds who have a work permit.

How can Talent Link help?

Talent Link staff work closely with area officials and workforce offices to plan and coordinate youth job fairs.

Suggestions for teachers

  1. Encourage students to think of job fairs as an unofficial interview. They should:
    1. dress in interview-appropriate clothing,
    2. bring resumes to hand out,
    3. be prepared to shake hands, and
    4. be ready to talk with employers.
  2. Make sure your students know their schedules and when they will and won’t be available to work. Talk with them about being realistic.
  3. Have students practice a 20-30 second elevator speech telling the company about their skills.
  4. Have your student research company websites (if you know the participating companies).
  5. Tell your students not to
    1. talk negatively about former employers,
    2. drop off their resume but neglect to speak to representative,
    3. chew gum, or
    4. look at their phone while at the fair.