Financial Resources for College and Training

If students don’t know there is help available for them to go to college or attend a training program after high school, they have little motivation to do much more than they need to in order to graduate. Most careers require some type of post-secondary certificate, classes, or degree.

When does an individual/class need to start learning about college and career training funds?

The sooner students understand that there are resource available to assist them in attaining college and training goals, the better.  Freshman year is not too soon to start talking about this.  By junior year, students should be moving forward with financial aid applications, researching scholarships and training funds, and learning the pros and cons of student loans.  

How can Talent Link help?

Talent Link staff work closely with area colleges and training providers, in addition to programs that support training for youth. 

Where can educators/students go to learn about some of the resources available?