Resume Writing

Resumes are required for most job openings in today’s workforce. Knowing how to develop a resume that is well-formatted, focused on the type of work being sought, and free of grammar and spelling errors is key to getting a “first job”, and every job thereafter.

When is resume writing appropriate?

It is extremely difficult to develop a resume before students have gained some type of work/volunteer experience. The best way to prepare students for resume development is to encourage and support involvement in volunteer activities starting in junior high school, extracurricular activities, and some form of part time employment when they reach 16 years of age.

How can Talent Link help?

Talent Link staff benefit from great working relationships with workforce offices in both Iowa and Illinois. Workforce staff are specifically trained in resume development techniques. Talent Link staff, along with their workforce partners, can assist in classroom resume development.

Tips for teachers

  1. Make it real. There is nothing more difficult or frustrating for students or teachers than trying to develop a resume without any experience.
  2. Resumes are a great way to apply writing and communications skills and make them “real world” relevant for students. Kick off your lesson with a human resources speaker who can tell students what happens to resumes with grammar and spelling mistakes, and discuss how automated systems play a role in selecting applicants using key words.
  3. Check out the resume resources on the “Resources” tab