Help a student take a step inside the industry/career and gain valuable experience.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities can help youth learn about the workplace and gain valuable experience.


Students can earn and learn their way into high demand careers. 

Teacher/Counselor Externships

Learn about the business world and then bring it into your classroom or school. Make the contacts by connecting with a local business.

Resume Writing

Whether looking at volunteer opportunities, part time employment, internships, or apprenticeships, step one is a professional resume. Help your students develop a resume for a job, an internship, or a scholarship.

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews provide a safe space for students to learn the dynamics of an interview. 

Youth Job Fairs

Fairs provide a one-stop for youth looking for a part-time job, or employment after graduation.  

Financial Resources for college and training

Many of today’s high demand jobs require education or training after high school. Learn about funding options.