Labor Market Information

Labor market information reveals two important pieces of information:

  1. Are there going to be jobs available in this career area?
  2. How much can individual expect to earn in this career area?

Selecting a career interest without knowing these things would be like buying a tire without knowing the size you need or looking at the cost. It just doesn’t work.

When is an individual ready to learn about labor market information?

Career exploration should always include labor market information.  The fact that colleges or training facilities provide a program does not ensure that there is employment in that field, or that the wages will be adequate.  Labor market information can help students determine what careers are going to be in demand, making them more marketable and giving them more options.  Students also need to weigh the costs of preparing for a career, and the benefits the education or training will provide.  

What resources are available for labor market information?

  1. Bi-State Regional Commission Data/Economic and Employment Data for Iowa, IL, counties and QC region.
  2. Iowa Workforce Development
  3. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
  4. Wages Earnings & Benefits | U.S. Department of Labor