Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning helps students connect what they are learning with the real world. It answers the question, “why do we need to learn this”? Using project-based learning for learning objectives that tend to be difficult or boring for students can result in better understanding and higher levels of interest.

When is an individual/class ready for project-based learning?

Project-based learning can be helpful at all levels of learning.

How can Talent Link help?

Talent Link staff can help companies develop project-based learning curriculum.  


  1. Take advantage of opportunities to participate in summer externships. They can often provide excellent insight regarding project-based learning opportunities!
  2. Plan ahead. Project-based learning lessons can result in many years of great learning, but it does take time to fully develop this type of activity. Plan to work closely with your business partner and Talent Link staff for several months in advance of the activity.
  3. Make sure students are prepared for the project-based lesson. Do they have the background knowledge needed to be successful? Do you have needed supplies on hand?
  4. Provide detail about how to enter your building, and where the business person will be working. Talk about the layout of your classroom as it may be helpful for the planning of the project.
  5. Prepare your students for the business person. Set clear expectations for behavior and follow through quickly if issues arise so that your business partner does not have to handle the problem.
  6. Respect your business partner's time by carefully scheduling and confirming what will be done, and when.
  7. Keep information about great projects so you re-visit them in following years.
  8. Send a thank you. Better yet, have students send thank you notes or sign a card. Not only does this make the business person’s day, but it also helps students learn professional etiquette.