Workplace Tours

Group of students at U of I HospitalWorkplace tours provide an opportunity for individuals and groups to get an inside look at the workplace, and specific careers.  Tours can also provide a great opportunity for youth to see workplace skills in action and learn what will be expected from them in the world of work.

When is a workplace tour a good option?

Tours are most valuable when students have an interest in a specific type of career/industry.

Tips for Educators

  1. Plan ahead. Contact your Talent Link staff member or the company well in advance of the desired tour date.
  2. Be very specific about what you would like the tour to include.
  3. Ask about any clothing or safety requirements.  Be sure to communicate any requirements with students and parents. 
  4. Prepare your students for the tour. Set clear expectations for behavior and follow through quickly if issues arise so that the tour guide is not interrupted. Understand that your group’s safety is most important to your tour guide, but he/she should be able to focus time and energy on providing a valuable experience for your group.
  5. Keep information about great tours so you can re-connect in following years.
  6. Prepare students to ask good questions.
  7. Send a thank you to the tour guide. Better yet, have students send thank you notes or sign a card. Not only does this make the tour guide’s day, but it also helps students learn professional etiquette.