Assessment and Guidance

How can assessments help me make a career choice?

Career assessments are the first step to learning about careers. With literally thousands of careers to choose from, assessments are designed to help narrow your list down to careers that match your interests, abilities, and values. There are many career assessments available. Your school may have you complete an assessment, and there are several on-line that you can complete at no cost.

Taking an assessment isn’t enough!

In order to identify career options that are a good “fit”, it is important to complete assessments AND have help interpreting the results. The information received can be overwhelming. Remember, career assessments aren’t going to provide the one and only career for you. They are designed to give you some direction and careers that seem to be a good match. Talk with your school counselor, teacher, a workforce professional, or a Talent Link staff member for help interpreting what your assessment results mean.

Where can I access career assessments?