Volunteer Opportunities

Any opportunity to see and participate in the working world has benefits. Volunteers have an opportunity to learn about the career opportunities that exist within an organization, learn about the culture of the organization, and see how the work they do impacts customers, other workers, and the organization.

When is an individual ready for a volunteer opportunity?

Volunteering can benefit anyone at any stage of career development.


  1. As a volunteer, you are not paid in money, but you are paid in experience. As you prepare for the working world, experience is more valuable than money.
  2. Treat the volunteer opportunity like a job.
  3. Have a professional attitude.
  4. Show up on time every day. If you are going to miss a day, contact the work-site well in advance. The work you are doing is important, and someone might need to do it in your absence.
  5. Follow the dress code for employees.
  6. Ask questions as needed.  If you complete a task, ask what you can do next.
  7. Keep track of what you learned. Volunteer experiences are great resume builders.
  8. Show gratitude. Be sure to thank the company for the opportunity. Future opportunities or connections can come from the work you do—and a thank you note is an important part of that.