Workplace Tours

Group of students at U of I HospitalWorkplace tours provide an opportunity to get an inside look at the workplace, and specific careers.

When is a workplace tour a good option?

Tours are most valuable when you have identified an interest in a specific type of career/industry. Tours can also provide a great opportunity to see workplace skills in action and learn what will be expected in the world of work.


  1. Plan ahead. Contact Talent Link or the company well in advance of the desired tour date.
  2. Be very specific about what you would like the tour to include.
  3. Prepare for the tour. Ask if there is a dress code you should follow. Some companies require certain types of clothing for safety reasons. Even if there isn’t a dress code, be sure to dress professionally for your visit.
  4. Be prepared to ask good questions such as:
    1. What products or services does your company provide?
    2. How many employees work here?
    3. What types of positions do you have?
    4. What education and experience are required?
    5. What do you look for in a potential employee?
    6. Does your company offer training, apprenticeship, or other professional development?
    7. How does your application process work?
    8. What is your company’s leave policy?
    9. Do you offer benefits?
    10. (If you identify an employee doing work that you are very interested in) Would it be possible for me to come back to do a job shadow?
    11. May I have a business card?
  5. Be sure to thank your tour guide before leaving. Also, send a thank you note following the tour.